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Obama event

The RVJ on Saturday says Obama will be here Tuesday. I haven't seen any news concerning this since then. I notice that all the messages related to this event have disappeared from the OccupyLasVegas website. Has this been cancelled? Or has Obama cancelled his visit?

I don't want his blessing by the way. Better if he came clean on a few of the things he's responsible for.

His visit would be a perfect opportunity for the Occupy Wall Street people to show their independence from the Democratic party and show the world that they really are non-partisan and not just another Tea Party. An independent (as in real grass roots, not astro turf) image which the Media and the Democratic party is trying very hard to destroy.



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MIZZTAZZ on 2011-10-23

I finally discovered the VERY general location (east side of Vegas) that he'll be in tomorrow. The area is being blocked off so no one can determine the exact route he'll be taking. We discussed planning for future events and being ready to go with 10-12 hours notice (approx. what we'd have for tomorrow) for his next visit. Any demonstration of Obama needs to be STRICTLY a OWS/OLV event and should NOT involve any signs with agendas other than the SPECIFIC agenda of our movement. That is my suggestion and the Events/Action team will be happy to discuss it and plan in advance with Metro/Secret Service, etc. for his upcoming visits in the near future.

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Anonymous (not verified) on 2011-10-24

Oh hi,

Thanks for the info.

I see the link in the same RVJ article. Dup!

So it has been called off? Do you know when, how that happened? Today? At that thing called "General Assembly"? 'Cause last I checked it was on. I'm disappointed. I was raring to go. There needs to be a reason to be somewhere. A president's visit is a reason. A republican debate is a reason.

Simply setting aside a day for a walk around Fremont street is not going to turn heads or define an organization's position. That was such an unexpected experience. The crowds were nice, the police were nice, there were even places along the march where a person could stop for a beer or a cup of coffee. I was prepared to get arrested before I went. I didn't even get jeered at. I've never been in a demonstration like that. Hopefully it's a sign that public sentiment favors people who challenge the horrible things that have happened to us lately. But I thought about it a lot. It has a lot to do with the message. If you don't challenge any basic assumptions you will not offend people but then you will not accomplish anything. I'm disappointed. So how do we get an Obama rally going next chance we get?

I hope you aren't suggesting that holding the Obama administration responsible for the subsequent ramping up of the previous administrations policies is at odds with the agenda of OWS. You aren't saying that right?

anyhew thank yew, goodbye, I gotta go watch Boardwalk Empire. later.

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DON.T_occupy on 2011-10-24

I hope you're not suggesting Obama is a good leader and that ANY PARTICULAR politician is to blame.
And we need to take back our country.
You are in a serious MINORITY OF THOUGHT if you are still wow'ed or glammed by Obama's false promises and bogus leadership.

You don't seem to understand.... WHO ARE YOU AGAINST?? Remember the cause .... !% of the U.S. are rich ... so, that would be the "bad guy" -- the idea is to build-up to 99% (as this group is clearly NOT).... and walking down the street pissing off people won't win any folks over to your cause.

So, YES, you need to direct anger where it belongs & where change can actually take place --- the government......take back our government & strong-arm big business into playing by our rules.

And that is how I choose to define a revolution during this time in History.

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Tyrion on 2011-10-24

Your hopes have been realized. Quick to jump at shadows, aren't you?

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Tyrion on 2011-10-24

At tonight's GA there were a few reasons mentioned not to do this. The visit was happening too quickly for us to create a coherent response, and there were some concerns about the secret service. There was some disagreement here; some will be protesting the visit anyways, which is fine.

I'd prefer to ignore President Obama for the moment. Like all recent presidents, he is a divisive figure. I expect members of the 99% to have various opinions on his record, and I welcome the diversity. Considering the future political landscape, Obama is likely to be a reluctant, limited ally to OWS. It is also more difficult to air a sustained critique of Geithner, Summers, Bank of America, really any party that isn't the president. MSM consumers are already very familiar with mistakes the president has made. Tactically, I don't think this is the right fight to pick, and makes us seem like partisan players.

Of course, if Obama plans to sign off on another bank bailout, ignore all this.

comment by ginagrrl
ginagrrl on 2011-10-24

What did the GA ultimately decide? Go or no?

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Billy L on 2011-10-24

"According to Democratic sources, one event on the schedule is a midday fundraiser at the Bellagio to raise money for Obama's re-election campaign."
Oct. 21, 2011 | 12:21 p.m.

"Monday will be Obama’s first chance to coordinate that new public message when he appears at the Bellagio, according to a Democratic source. Reid had been scheduled to appear with Obama."
Oct. 22, 2011 | 2:01 a.m.

I keep having this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that if the king and/or the bosses approve of our demonstrations, we're "doing it wrong". Granted, this is coming from a person that has missed two marches and hasn't been to a single general assembly.
I feel greedy asking for more after we've had at some of the largest protests that I've seen in the past twenty years in Las Vegas

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Billy L on 2011-10-24

I'm gonna try a little DoOcracy. As a leaderless individual I'm planning on protesting on the public sidewalk out in front of the Bellagio (which is owned by MGM Resorts International a corporation with assets of around 20 billion and revenue of around 6 billion) starting at around 11:30 am and continuing for a couple of hours. President Obama will be inside getting his marching orders from some of the 1%. At least the "debate" that I and many others protested was televised (from a big corporation, by a big corporation), this will be behind closed doors that can only be unlocked with a key in the shape of an invitation wrapped around a big wad of cash. Wear what you want, bring what you want, say what you want, be responsible for your own actions.

To get into the room you'll have to shell out $1,000 per person.

To get premium seating it is $2,500 per person.

To get a VIP reception+ a photo with the president $10,000 per couple or raise $25,000

To get a "Clutch"( I'm guessing this is not a car part )+ VIP reception + a photo with the president raise $50,000


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Billy L on 2011-10-24

I showed up in front of the Bellagio a little after 10:30 and asked a few people for fifty grand so I could snag a grip and grin with the big O, unfortunately nobody coughed up. :(

Undeterred, I stood on the sidewalk with my "Don't vote for corporate whores!"* / "I found our change: they gave it to Wall Street!" sign. I was alone save for the Bohemian Grove / 1984 guy , the 911 truth guy ,and an anti obama guy.

Other than the guy in the Bentley who flipped me off and a few scowls from some older folks I received only positive responses. Overall I'd call it a fun couple of hours.
* no disrespect meant to the sexworkers

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Anonymous (not verified) on 2011-10-24

I too am wondering about this event, is OLV going to be there. Here's a LVRJ post about it. Its very vague. So whats the deal is it on?


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